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The Real Relationships Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

Today I interview Alison Curtis and we focus on resilience as well as patterns of thinking. Different people obviously react to different things very differently so will either accept change and what life throws at them or go down a very negative spiral. 

Join us to find out more about how even bad things can have...

Apr 21, 2022

Today I interview Carrie Moss about dating whilst in the armed forces. Military life may not be for everyone so finding a partner can feel even more difficult than it would when dating in general. We also discuss the benefits of matchmaking & some of the difficulties experienced by single people whilst trying to find...

Apr 14, 2022

Today, I interview Cath Lloyd and we talk about ways to deal with the unexpected. Sudden life changes will literally sometimes take us by surprise and force us to face up to things we would never have thought possible.

Join us to hear more about her inspiring story...

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