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Sophie's Real Relationships Podcast

May 16, 2019

Today, I interview Tracy Jordan, a HR Professional, about the sometime difficult nature of managing relationships in the workplace. Whether it's discrimination, people not getting on, power struggles or difficult managers/ employees, how do you ensure that issues are dealt with properly or even better, don't arise in...

Nov 5, 2018

Today, I interview Tracy Jordan of Northwood HR and we discuss how personal relationships have an impact on performance and productivity. Some organisations would like their employees to leave their problems at the door and pick them back up on their way back home but the reality is very different. Understanding this...

Oct 8, 2018

Today, I interview Benjamin Dennehy, The UK's Most Hated Sales Trainer, about building better business relationships. It is all about communication but also understanding the psychology behind it all.

Join us now to hear all about it...

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